On Thursday like all political anoraks I had Sky on in the background as I tried to work and saw the whole repulsive freak show unfold. It was weirdly hypnotic, like watching a mixture of Jeremy Kyle cock fighting with a bated badger. It is rather strange that Parliament has become so articulate about bullying, particularly women, that they think it is perfectly in order to humiliate, denigrate and bully the Prime Minister. It’s a tough job and politics is a rough game, but this week it has crossed the bounds of decency and humanity. Brigden was a disgrace. Nick Soames was quite right to tell him to, ‘sit down you dishonourable little twerp’. He sensibly regards oiks like him as something he would instruct the under keeper to remove from his green wellies.

And then there was the Mogg circus. It was hardly the Greatest Show. And the only gentlemanly thing about him is his tailoring. But this vulgar display of political piety could have been from a cast of Barnum curiosities. They really are a very odd bunch. Social misfits, eccentrics, political inadequates and fanatical fantasists every one of them. They are living the dream. They are wallowing in their moment in the limelight. They have moved from the Round Table to the Rotary. But it has become more than a moment. They are rebels without a pause. It is fitting that they are in league with the venom spitting DUP who sniff betrayal at every turn and spy conspiracies behind every chimney pot. For the DUP I have just one word which should stop them marching brolleyed an bowlered through the lobbies of Westminster. Corbyn.

But to the purist Brexiteers it seems that the world is against them. Big business, the banks, experts, the political elite, subversive elements of the press and the treacherous judges. Yet they see themselves as plucky little fellows standing up for the forgotten and oppressed. They are the true champions of the people. But their pious selfishness has created a real foe, far more ruthless, far more cynical and far more effective than any that their collective psychosis could contour. The Daily Mail. Friday’s editorial stuck it to them. And today’s exclusive interview with Madame in her study, with a Daily Mail casually placed on her desk says it all. The day of reckoning has come for the crackpots.

This weekend is pivotal for Madame. MPs have gone back to their constituencies to take soundings. My instincts (which are not always right) tell me that there will not be a clamouring for a defenestration and probably not even a vote on a confidence motion. The rebels are no longer running for Office but running for cover. Constituency Associations have been whipped into a frenzy over Brexit but now, with the reality checks from the whips hitting the phones things may change. The Brexiteers are furious. The familiar squeals of ‘unfair’ are beginning to emerge. They have blamed Ollie Robbins, May, Barnier, project fear and the Brussels truth fairy. But never themselves. It is time for moderate Conservatives to take back control from the ERGS.

And to my Remainer friends I say this. A people’s vote is as much a fantasy as the delusion of a Brexit Utopia. There would have to be legislation to extend article 50. There would have to be legislation for a referendum and the electoral commission would have to approve the question or questions. It’s not going to happen in time if at all. And to those who want to try and ‘improve’ the proposal? In your heart of hearts you know that this is foolhardy and very, very dangerous. Barnier and Tusk have no inclination to go back to the drawing board simply because some of the 27 think that the EU has given away too many concessions to us. A renegotiation will just open up a can of worms that will eat into everything that we have gained. We would be the losers.

Parliament is entitled to reverse Brexit as it is sovereign and the referendum was only advisory. But it would be the recruiting sergeant for extremism. The British people may have been lied to but they ultimately decided. We have to accept their decision through gritted teeth.

Of course the deal is flawed. What do you expect? But there is nothing better on offer. However, it gives business time to plan, to spit in the eyes of Armageddon.

The Sunday newspapers, particularly the Sunday Times, will give us a clue about the mood music in the constituencies and on the back benches. I suspect that there will not be a contest. But even if there is she must fight on, sign the agreement quickly and face down Parliament daring them to vote it down or face economic disaster. And to the Moggs, the Brigdens, the Bakers and Boris? I suspect constituency associations will show them nothing but contempt. Not just at the despicable way they have treated May but how their fantasies are destroying their party and country.

Isn’t it strange? The shy, awkward vicar’s daughter is showing more guts and determination than I have ever seen in a lifetime of politics. Those kitten heels have turned in to roaring lion shit kicking boots. And shit will have to be kicked.