The Gormenghastlyness of British politics has reached new depths of despair. I am not going to try and argue that the terrible reenactment of Ulster’s bloody past in Derry is a direct result of a Brexit border crisis, but there are connections. The peace process has always been fragile, with tensions, suspicions and mistrust always bubbling below the surface. If nature abhors a vacuum then the men of violence thrive on it. Many people have forgotten that the Province hasn’t had a government for over two years. And no prospect of one in the foreseeable future. It means that political decisions have been put on hold. The place is grinding to a halt. Civil servants are doing their best but their job is to advise elected ministers who take decisions, not to govern. There is a failure of democracy in a part of the United Kingdom which needs it most.

And then there is the carelessness of language. That the backstop is a manufactured trap by Ireland and Brussels to imprison us in the EU. Forever. Talk of direct rule. Spitting venom about treason, traitors, mutiny. Why not just arm the madmen and let them get on with it?

Of course none of the One Notion Tories want to see violence in Ulster or anywhere else. But they are so tuned into their own rhetoric, so devoid of historical cadences, so bloody minded in their pursuit of perfection that they are reckless to the reality that the United Kingdom is spinning out of control. You would have thought that the sound warnings of Nancy Polosi just might have made them pause for thought. Not a bit of it. They are even more united in their psychotic delusions.

And now they have spawned their own Hydra of Brexit. Cut off one of its heads and a grinning, gurning Farage will always grow back on. These useful fools thought that their purity would protect their seats. Dear God. Does their ignorance and swept brow philosophy know no bounds?

I hope that these terrifying opinion polls are a wake up call for all sentient Tories. Rather than have a motion by the ruling body calling for the resignation of May they should meet and call for MPs to support her deal. It is the only way to avoid the destruction of the Conservative party at any EU Parliamentary elections and beyond. The Tories will lose control of a number of well run local authorities and trash hard working decent councillors because of the intransigence of a minority. The 2 May elections and the carnage is inevitable. The EU election must be and can be stopped. The thought of giving a platform to a brand new one issue party, who could not have had time to do even a cursory vetting of their candidates defies all sense and decency. It would not just be a lurch to the right but a descent into Hieronymous Bosch hell. And there will be only one victor. Captain Corbyn aboard HMS Shadenfreude. Are the ERGS so stupid, so blind, so blinkered, so possessed as to allow a part of the United Kingdom to descend into lawlessness, destroy their party and hand their country over to a genuinely Marxist government?

The answer sadly is yes. If the Tories fail to wake up to reality all of this will happen. They haven’t got long.