I haven’t blogged for a while simply because I have absolutely nothing original to say about the British body politic. We are trapped in a weird and tragic version of Parliamentary Ground Hog Day. And they will not break out of it until atonement has been reached. MPs have only just reached the stage where the penny has dropped that despite driving off of cliffs, jumping out of buildings and attempting every other form of political suicide, they will not be allowed to die until they see the error of their ways and become better people. And we are nowhere near that point.

But I do worry about the mental health of MPs. They are under terrible conflicting pressures from the people who select them and those who elect them. There is no simple answer to any of this. It’s easy for the purists as they have no doubts. They think that anyone who says that crashing out will be an economic disaster is either deranged, lying or in the pay of Brussels. Or maybe all three. The most popular line is is that Parliament is stuffed with Remainers. Well, it’s not all that surprising really as all the main stream parties have been in favour of the EU and it’s derivatives for fifty years. It is reminiscent of the burnings of Catholics and Protestants where everyone took the side of whoever was the monarch. Rory Stewart, a man whom I would dearly love to be leader of the Conservatives, is refreshingly honest. His line is that British politics is all about fudge. After Cromwell we developed a constitutional monarchy. After the split with Rome we invented the Church of England. And for a man who used to negotiate with Afghan warlords, he is of the view that the Brexit Rubick’s Cube will only be solved when, “both sides are equally unhappy”. Stewart is an delightful anomaly with an amazing backstory. How many people, let alone politicians, have had the rights to their life story bought up by Hollywood? How many ministers have vowed to resign if they didn’t improve their department within a year? And his Lawrence of Arabia image would capture the imagination of the media. And the electorate. A Prime Minister who honestly tells the public that he doesn’t have a vision but just wants to make things work? If the party decides to break with the past and skip a generation, he is your man. This could be a very dark horse indeed.

But back to mental health. Those of us who saw David Lammy’s meltdown on Marr started off being bemused, vaguely outraged and then rather saddened. If that wasn’t some form of psychotic episode I really don’t what is. Mogg, Johnson and the rest Ergonauts are a ghastly bunch. But comparing them to Nazis borders on the ridiculous. But if you look how the far right is shaping up and he had made the same analogy he might just have a point.

I am probably totally wrong but the thought of fighting the European Elections might just get the May deal over the line. It would destroy what is left of the Tories and it would give the ranting, raging, Gaministas a dangerous platform. And there are a lot of squeaky bottomed councillors who dreading the local elections. So perhaps commonsense could prevail. But that is just too bloody ridiculous for words.