When the Mail online gives George Soros space to write a piece about how Brexit is going to be a catastrophe and Britain will be forced to change its mind, you know that something very unusual is happening. And when the Chancellor slags off his Prime Minister on national television on Sunday and then hints at a soft Brexit at the Mansion House breakfast on Tuesday, you have a feeling that there is going to be a continental Brexit rather than a full English after all.

Then there is Bozo. Unfit for office, lazy, scheming and a national disgrace. If you think May is bloody awful, this thoroughly dishonest tub of lard is in a league of his own. His Eddie Mair interview was typically slap dash and unprepared. He hadn’t a clue what was in the Queen’s speech and didn’t much care. But what I find so ghastly about this pustule on the sphincter of government is his shameless pursuit of Number 10. At any cost. He gets his people to brief against May and take soundings on the back benches. He then denies any plotting and urges his backbenchers to be loyal to her. Now, he has announced that he will not stand for the leadership until 2019. How very generous. But it doesn’t stop there. He is now briefing against David Davis. ‘Too old…..beaten by Cameron’, followed by pics of him with two busty girls with DD slogans on their breasts. The sheer hypocrisy of Bozo trying smear Davis with bit of mild sexism is breathtaking. But predictable. Yet I have some very sad news. Bozo’s seat disappears in boundary changes. If I wasn’t on the wagon (temporary measure to get beach body fit for hols) I’d crack open the prosecco.

The sheer mind boggling incompetence of Number 10 is breathtaking. For months we have been treated to little homilies about how the SNP can’t veto Brexit. It appears now that they might be able to. Dear God where were the bloody lawyers? Or maybe they did advise and the gruesome twosome kept it under wraps.

The cabinet is out of control. There is no discipline. Enter number 10 and it’s like the May Celeste. Plates are laid out for a meal and computers hum. But what happened to the crew? There is no sign of human life. Where have they gone?

We just can’t go on like this. Didn’t anyone realise that although the DUP are a pretty cranky bunch they are tough, ruthless and experienced negotiators.Remember the Good Friday Agreement? An accommodation will be reached. Thank heavens they want a soft Brexit.

So what do we Tories who care about our country and are terrified that by some terrible act of criminal negligence we are complicit in putting Corbyn and his bully boys into power? I’ll repeat what I wrote a couple of weeks ago. She has to be gone by the party conference. There doesn’t need to be an election. The people are fed up with them. In a sick twist of fate they actually want strong and stable government. Corbyn’s mob will moan groan and take to the streets, but it will make no difference. Labour are in a hyped up Disneyland of delusion. Corbynistas really do think that they are waiting in the shadows to form a government. The arithmetic isn’t there unless we make it so.

So what do we do with Madame? A few years ago when David Tennant was playing Doctor Who he was very angry with a female Prime Minister. ‘I can destroy you with just four words.’ She looked puzzled. He then whispered to an aide, ’Doesn’t she look tired?’ That was the end of her.

And Madame does look tired and emotionally drained. Who wouldn’t after all she has been though? She has a medical condition. Does she have the mental stamina to go though this heavy pounding? Perhaps. Does she want to? I doubt it. But the Tories and the country need leadership. We just don’t have it. No amount of makeovers and humility will make Madame the leader we all hoped she would be. So make it swift and make it bloodless and for God’s sake keep the party faithful at arms length. And make it either Damian or David.