The world order as I have always known it is dead. It’s rotting carcass is being ripped apart by the hyenas of Trump, Putin and Xi, whilst an emerging swarm of European populism circles like vultures to pick over whatever is left.

I was born in 1953. The Korean War had ended. Germany and the rest of war torn Europe was being rebuilt. Spain and Portugal were dictatorships. Greece a poverty stricken mess. France was in psycho analysis over war time betrayals and collaboration with the Nazis. China was a mystery and the brute Shadow of the Soviet Union terrified us. The tangible fear of nuclear war hung over my childhood. I can still remember the monochrome public information ads grimly warning us that with some old newspapers and a kitchen table we could survive the conflagration. It was a celluloid lie.

But there was always hope. Warring Europe became jawing Europe. Good and decent men and women were coming together to pool resources and ambitions to try and ensure that the continent never sent their sons to slaughter again. The United Nations was beginning to mean something. And we had the protective umbrella of NATO. Harold MacMillan ruled over us with a benign paternalism. He was my hero. This was the age of idealism.

When I was elected to Parliament in 1983 most of the old boys had fought in the war. Their collective memories were fascinating and instructive. The horrors that they had witnessed tempered their views from gung ho ideologues into a gentle pragmatism.

I am not looking back to those days through roses tinted spectacles. There was a hell of a lot wrong. But there was a naive belief that the great institutions were there to protect us. They are now being torn down.

But what have we now? The continent of Europe is sleepwalking back to its old ways. The Commission is totally out of touch with reality and there is a very real threat that nationalism coupled with a genuine fear of immigration will bring the whole edifice down. This will cheer clowns like Mogg, Boris and the whole ghastly bunch of Europsychotics who want to push Madame and the country into economic and political oblivion. And unless these people are faced down and shown the door it will happen.

But there is no leadership. Madame is not even fiddling while the country is on the brink of burning. Just trapped in the headlights of the extremists. Paralysed with fear that she could be toppled. But let’s get real. Who is her biggest rival for the leadership? Boris is unelectable since his ‘fuck business’ jibe. It was a bit like the Pope saying ‘fuck Christianity’ or a Mogg saying ‘Fuck nanny’. It was a mortal blasphemy. And who else has a serious chance of winning? Mogg? Ridiculous. Leadsom? Insane. All we have left are people who are just not ready. Javid, Hunt and spider boy.

The first thing she must do is restore collective responsibility. Hah. Some chance. When someone as spineless as Liz Truss, who didn’t lift a finger to protect the ‘enemies of the people’ judges thinks she can get away with taking the piss out of Michael Gove then the whole rationale of government is dead.

Will May have the courage, the tenacity, the sheer bloody bollocks to tell the cabinet before the recess how they will approach Brexit and risk resignations? I would like to think so. Most sentient people who care about their country would like to think so. But on past experience it looks like submarine May will sink to the depths dragging the country down with her.

And when it all goes horribly wrong and big business flees the country, the fanatics will scream that it was all the fault of the enemies of the people, the civil service, the Bank of England, the CBI and the Remainers. While the rest of us will weep for the times when we had a kinder and gentler Britain.

So we have a hopeless government infected by a deadly form of Europsychosis, a terrifyingly alt left Opposition who really do want to fuck business and a President of the United States who wants to fuck everything from Stormy Daniels to NATO.

So what would Danny Dyer say? Actually I really don’t give a flying fuck. The man gives half wits a bad name.