For once in my life I am genuinely scared. Perhaps at sixty six I am a dinosaur. But I don’t think so. Perhaps being a barrister for so long has given me an unhealthy reverence for the law. But I don’t think so. Perhaps being elected to Parliament thirty seven years ago has given me a warped  view of what Parliament is for. But I don’t think so.


There is nothing new in what has happening in our politics. The will of the people is hijacked by power crazed politicians who profess to be the servants of the electorate. And to serve them properly they need to be given extrajudicial power because the whole system is corrupt and needs to be purged. It is a never ending revolution. It starts with Parliament, then the civil servants, the the judges, the police and eventually the media. Freedom is so precious that it has to be rationed. And when it eventually dawns that the word freedom has become just a convenient word for politicians to abuse and not a living breathing reality it will be too late.


Our two main political parties have been hijacked by extremists. One of the left one of the right. It actually makes no difference as both represent intolerance, smashing the system, defying the rule of law and taking control at any cost. Corbyn and Milne are no different from Johnson and Cummings. And they all do it in the name of the people.


I genuinely never thought that I would see a CONSERVATIVE Prime Minister announce a plan to break the law and take on the courts and in the words of Cummings take a ‘chainsaw’ to the system. Just to win an election to ‘smash Labour’. But end up no different. And a Prime Minister who tells us that he really is a social liberal and a One Nation Conservative. Well, you could have fooled me.


So who will be cheering? UKIP, the Brexit Party, the EDL and of course the Labour leadership for a start. Because every charge of intolerance, extremism and threats to break the law that a decent Conservative party could make stick will bounce back. Corbyn has been given a blue print on how to run down the clock on our democracy.


The Cabinet has got to act and remove Cummings and Johnson quickly or else they will be trashed in their weakness. Nobody is above the law. Nobody can pick and choose which laws to obey. Our democracy, our freedoms, our parliament and our way of life were forged and tempered by the sacrifice of others. So that we might live in freedom. It was the essence of what Margaret Thatcher stood for.


This goes beyond Leave or Remain. Britain’s shining beacon of political stability is beginning to flicker. We let it go out at our peril. The malignancy of extremism has no place in Britain.