So the old fox still lives in the hen house despite a promise to turn vegan for a couple of months. The Daily Mail in truly Daily Mash style accuses narcissistic MPs of getting rid of the Conservatives’ ‘greatest electoral asset’. The front page is a joy, ‘what have they done?’, coupled with the ‘the day the Tories lost their marbles’. I fear that Dacre is in carpet biting mode as Conservative MPs disobeyed him. Well, nobody is indispensable in Fleet Street Paul.


And Johnson’s speech? Not a word of contrition. Not a hint of introspection. Not a word of apology. It was an ‘eccentric’ decision of the ‘herd’ that have forced him to resign. And did anyone hear the word ‘resignation’ cross those entitled lips? Of course not.


A weak cabinet who couldn’t control a delusional scoundrel now have him for a couple more months. Despite him giving his word (discuss) not to do anything ‘strange’ he will be lusting after destroying his enemies and creating  a grand fiction of a legacy. A brave man fighting the woke, the metropolitan elite, fighting for freedom from Brussels. I feel your pain. I’m on your side. If only the toiling beasts of the field had the imagination to share my vision for our great nation rather than selfishly put their own petty little careers before my great statecraft. How dare these mere specks of mediocrity……and on and on it will go.


The sadness is that the Johnson psycho drama will go on and on until he gives his resignation to the Queen. If he does. After all there could be a matter of  such national emergency that requires elections to be suspended until….well, er, whenever. This thoroughly dishonest destroyer of everything most decent people hold dear must be evicted for office and replaced by a proper caretaker like Raab who has no leadership ambitions. Johnson has lived his life by the last throw of the dice and his special weighted one which always shows a six is still hidden up his sleeve. DO.NOT.TRUST.THIS.MAN.


There is always the resignation honours list to look forward to. It will be filled with the lickspittles who have propped up this corrupt regime and those who will secure him a wealthy lifestyle. Oh, and we have yet to have the Privileges Committee report about whether he deliberately lied to parliament….it will be dubbed the Bears in the Woods report.


It’s obvious what must be done. We must have a leader who will restore the trust in government, honour in office and competence in power. They must unify the country and the party.


Most of the Cabinet will have to go. They have been weak, supine, hopelessly incompetent and have allowed our democracy and politics to be trashed. And those who stand for election must not be tainted. The embarrassment of having someone as hopelessly inadequate as Braverman who doesn’t have the aptitude of being a lawyer let alone a prime minister is utterly delusional. Steve Baker? Dear God. Liz, I saw off the Russians, Truss is another one of those joke candidates. They are like those acts on Britain’s Got Talent which are so awful to make the others look good.


But there is a lot of talent about. I doubt whether Tugendhat will get to the final two but he deserves to be in the cabinet. Hunt, the Saj, Sunak and Wallace are all up to the job and will want a cabinet not a court. I haven’t made up my mind on Zahawi whom I like and rate. He’s about turn over Johnson showed unparalleled ruthlessness. Sometimes this is a good thing in a prime minister. All in all I am optimistic that we could have a renewal in our politics. But that old fox with blood and feathers round his mouth whilst claiming to be a vegan has to be ejected from the hen house quickly.