I can finally see where this whole Brexit fiasco is going to end. It is not a pretty sight. The Conservative party will split. The government will fall. And there will be a minority Corbyn government propped up by the SNP with the Danegeld of another referendum on Independence which will succeed. Then the steady decline of a world power to a county council. And Brexit? The negotiations will still trundle on. Endlessly. 


My once great party has passed the point when some of its members can be seen to be a little bonkers. If Conservative Home is to believed the majority have become certifiably insane. The battle cry for a new leader has now become ‘ an arse an arse my kingdom for an arse’. When a ‘senior Remainer (TIMES today) is of the view that the party will be lead by either Raab or Boris’ then whatever political pragmatism which once possessed us has evaporated. Of course, when I say ‘us’ I doubt whether I can continue to support the Conservatives for very much longer. I wonder,  after the wonderful victory that Farage will secure on 23 May, how many Tory MPs will jump on the Brexit Party chicken run? Oh, don’t mock. It may be a one issue party now, but soon the well fed hedge fund managers and spread bet bully boys who seem keen to infest the Tories when in winning mode will flock to Farage. They will not just be a one issue party. Think tanks will be bought. Policy wonk children will appear like Midwich Cuckoos in droves and a serious party will evolve which will delight the little Englanders, privateers and casual racists. They won’t win power but they will keep the moderates out. There is just so much money to be made out of the economic turmoil that will engulf us. 


The EU elections aren’t a farce which can be laughed off. They have presented a clear and present danger to the United Kingdom. Even if the May plan of getting Labour to push her deal over the line succeeds, Farage and his Orc army will have built the foundations of a political force, because any deal short of the dismembering of the EU will be branded as a betrayal.Aaron Banks must be creaming in his jeans. The Brexit Party will evolve as the Betrayal Party. Not just on Europe. But on everything anyone has ever been pissed of with. What must terrify mainstream politicians is the plaudits Trump will give to Farage and his ‘bad boys’ in June. 


Yet what about the Tory moderates? There is a lot of coverage of Widdecombe being Farage’s fig leaf and useful fool. Once a national treasure, now ‘where on earth have you dug her up?’ Very few newspapers have given much space to Stephen Dorrell jumping ship to the Tiggers and standing for election. Do not underestimate Dorrell. He was a prominent member of the Major cabinet. He is a one Nation Tory and a patron of the Tory Reform Group. In reality he hasn’t jumped ship at all. His views, like so many One Nation Tories, haven’t changed at all. But the ship now flies under the skull and cross bones. Dorrell has the intellectual heft that the Tiggers desperately need. And there are many others who will follow.

The Tories just don’t care about winning any more. As so many tweet, ‘at least we’ll go down fighting’. And they will. A Tragedy.