I have never seen a party so visibly disintegrate as fast as the SNP. That great shining beacon of Independence which has bestrode this narrow world like a Colossus (sorry Mr Shakepeare) is seen at last for what it always has been, a corrupt, dictatorial secret cult, who has run a once revered education system into the ground, wrecked the NHS and runs the economy with a level of incompetence that makes Liz Truss look…..ok let’s skip the last bit, nobody is as hopeless as Truss. But in her own weird way although Truss may be justifiably accused of bollock clenching naivety, never of corruption. That venal sin requires the ability to organise.


I am not going to rehearse the horrors of Sturgeon’s Stalin like grip of her party, but thirty thousand members have fled the  since her husband was arrested and an expensive caravan bought by members for campaigning was seized from her mothers drive. And the hapless Yousaf has only just been told that the party’s auditors fled the potential crime scene six months ago. There is more to come. This gift will keep on giving.


Yousuf is totally out of his depth. He wants to take on the Secretary of State  over the activation of section 35 blocking the Scottish Parliament’s vote on trans legislation, which is about as popular as a rat sandwich. This is the wrong issue to die in a ditch for. And he will lose. As for the appetite for Scottish independence, it has been put back for a generation.


Everything is up for grabs because whoever gains out of this mess could seal the fate of the next general election. Starmer and his Scottish peculiar are about as charismatic as a tub of hot noddles. And as for Douglas Ross? He couldn’t  fight his way out of a paper bag. His grand strategy is to encourage the electorate to vote Labour. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.


There is only one person who can lift the Tory spirits and opinion polls in Scotland. Ruth Davidson. Charismatic, popular and a winner. Please Rishi Sunak go on your hands and knees and beg her to come back and lead the Conservatives in Scotland. With the opinion polls beginning to narrow she could push you over the line.


There is no time to lose.