Like so many others I have totally underestimated Liz Truss. For years I have written that, like lettuce (God’s mistake), I have never understood what she is for. I have accused her of being shallow, robotic, not a team player, with a delusional, almost psychotic ambition to become prime minister. And I have been confused by how a passionate Liberal Democrat, republican and Remainer, could possibly transform into a right wing Brexiteering tax cutter. That is why I have always supported Sunak.


How wrong I was. When the opinion polls put Liz (if I may be so familiar) light years ahead of that disloyal snake Sunak who conspired with the woke media, the corrupt 1922 Committee and a band of wicked and disgruntled MPs (they will be dealt with) who conspired to destroy the greatest prime minister this country as ever seen, the scales fell from my eyes. Liz is one of the great communicators. The voice of an angel. Compassion which would make Mother Theresa fall to her knees in awe. And a grip of detail that would make Margaret Thatcher weep in admiration. She. Is. Our. Saviour.


Some of you will say that my departure from the traitor socialist Sunak camp is merely naked political ambition on my part. Far from it. In all my political dealings over the years I have been shown to put principle and country before any squalid pork barrelled begging for a job. Of course, I believe in public service and in all my years struggling and finally achieving a junior ministerial role in organising the  Brexit Festival, I would like to modestly suggest that it has been a phenomenal success. Now, because of Liz, my ambition for a golden future for Great Britain knows no bounds. And in my own humble way I am ready and eager to play a part, perhaps a major one, in the transformation of our nation.


Yes, the challenges are enormous. So enormous that only the breathtaking intellect and staggering leadership qualities of Liz can steer us to victory. I am sure that people will understand that she will not have time to attend Parliament. What is the point of PMQs? Starmer is a Putin supporting Communist who wants to destroy everything we hold dear. As an attention seeker he should be ignored. And he will be. As will the BBC. Don’t talk to me about that bunch of woke warriors of the left. Their days are numbered. As is bloody Channel 4.  According to Nadine Dorries (blessed be her name) One hundred billion pounds of hard earned tax payers’ money is spent every month on this shower. I’d give them to Fox News. With relish.


Now things are going to be tough, particularly for the very rich. We must show them compassion. Their taxes are far too high. If we reduce them they will buy more high end goods and invest in foreign motor cars. And that is great news for everyone, particularly those poor people with crippling energy bills.


So be ready for great things, great opportunities, particularly for loyalists and a united party as all dissent will be crushed. She.Who.Dares.Wins.


God bless her and all who sail with her. My mobile will be at my side night and day next week. In the interests of the nation.