I have not blogged for weeks as I have been exiled in a very long and very complicated trial. To be honest, that is not the real reason for my silence. The truth is that I am thoroughly revolted by this election. The lies. The smears. The fake news. The whole whogivesafuckery about anything except what ever the warped party line is. Of both parties.


So what is our choice? Corbyn, the dangerous intolerant Marxist driven by a dangerous ideology that history shows destroys freedom and jobs. Boris, Johnson a ruthless narcissist who will do any and say anything to get elected on the basis of a lie that he will get Brexit ‘done’. Both these ghastly pustules   on the political derrière, have wrecked their parties. Labour has been turned into an authoritarian anti Semitic cult. And the Tories? Once the party of Churchill, Macmillan, Thatcher and Major have thrown decency and tolerance to the wolves. Any party that thinks that it will attract the centre ground with people like Priti Patel, Dominic Raab and Rees Mogg is not the party that I joined, supported and represented all my life.


But there lies the problem. Both parties have abandoned the middle ground. The Tories are trying to grab the Alf Garnett vote of the North. They may succeed. But what are they going to do with them afterwards? Brexit negotiations will go on for years. The WTO is in disarray because of the bureaucratic meddling of its regulatory structure. Now where have we heard that before?


And if Jeremy Corbyn loses and the party comes to its senses and they choose someone who is actually electable where does it leave the Tories? I’ll tell you. It will look like the sort of Conservative party central casting would have produced for a Labour political broadcast,  namely uncaring and lacking compassion. The party who don’t give a damn about the poor and the vulnerable. The party in the pockets of the hedge fund managers. What did Theresa May once call them? The Nasty Party.


So our choice is complicated. Vote Labour, who have plans to wreck the economy and throw millions out of work. Or vote Conservative who might wreck the economy by accident or sheer laziness. Johnson should have a new slogan across his battle bus, ‘Vote Conservative as we won’t fuck it up as much as Labour’.


Oh, how the Kremlin must be cheering. The once stable and dull United Kingdom, an anchor and an aspiration to those mad continentals has unleashed its demons once again. Demons which have always been under the surface and periodically unleashed. Not a pretty sight.


I am old enough to remember when Spain was run by Franco, Portugal by Dr Salazar and Greece by the colonels. Fascists to a man. Eastern Europe, with Germany split in two, was subjugated by a fascist Soviet Union. There are horrible resonances to these times. But does anyone care? I would like to think so. But now I am not so sure that enough do.


This election won’t solve anything. If Johnson wins a landslide, which is highly unlikely, he wouldn’t know what to do with it. If, as I suspect, he has a majority of about ten to twenty, his nightmare begins. Again. He is a campaigner. A snake oil salesmen without the oil. This is an election which makes me and many, many  others politically homeless. So what shall I do?


I like Jo Swinson. She is decent and honest, but with some pretty dopey policies. She, like Corbyn, had the courage to be interviewed by Andrew Neil. What a strange thing for me to say. Can you imagine Thatcher cowering in fear about the prospect of an interview with Robin Day? She would have gone in all guns blazing. Because she had beliefs. You may not agree with them. But you knew where you stood with her.


Before I cast my vote I will take my lead from John Major. If he, to save this country from ruin, urges me to vote Lib Dem then, with a heavy heart, that is exactly what I will do.