Is there no friend he cannot betray? Is there no promise he cannot break? Is there no lie he cannot utter? Is there no institution he has no contempt for? Is there no law that he has respect for?


The poison of Boris Johnson has no boundaries. He is the incarnation of everything that ordinary decent people think politicians represent; power, avarice, greed and an entitled contempt of everyone and everything. He is a self made man who worships his creator. He is the cuckoo in the nest throwing out the chicks of everything this country holds sacred. The Conservative party are just beginning to wake up to the harsh reality that they haven’t elected a winner but a monster who will poison their brand for a generation.


I like Brandon Lewis. He is one of the good guys. He was honest enough to tell the commons that this government is intent on breaking international law. It was as a result of a perfectly sensible question by Sir Bob Neil, chair of the Justice committee, another good guy. I suspect that Bob was was hoping the answer would be in the negative. And now we hear that the permanent secretary at the Attorney General’s office, in charge of government legal service and chief advisor to Suella Braverman, has thrown in the towel. He has had enough. We will soon discover whether he asked for a ministerial direction. Of course he did.


The whole history of law officers are that they offer independent advice to government. They are  separated from politics physically as well as constitutionally. Remember when Sir Michael Havers threatened to send  Scotland Yard Into Number 10 over a leaked advice? But Suella gives lap dogs a bad name. Dr Pavlov in mission control in the cabinet office just has to ring a bell. And utterly hopeless. If Labour has any sense they should table an emergency question summoning her to explain. The unexplainable. Actually that’s not true, she would have to admit why the government doesn’t give a flying fuck about the rule of law


And then there is Robert Buckland. I like him. He is decent man and really believes in his oath to uphold the rule of law. Unless there is a finesse or a U term I have no doubt that he will resign. And who would replace him? Suella. Jesus.


And this is where we are. It’s like the fall of the Roman Republic. What I can’t decide is whether Johnson is Catalina, Caesar or Clodius. Perhaps an amalgam of them all. But it all ends badly for them. But is Starmer Cicero or Cato? PMQs will be interesting tomorrow.


But Tory backbenchers awake. Or the cuckoo will throw you all out of the nest. For years.