Just as the nation returns from counselling after the heartbreaking psychodrama of Phil and Holly our emotions are in turmoil over the resignation of St Boris Our Saviour. ‘Are you OK?’ you might ask me. Too bloody right I am. And if this ghastly little shit had a political grave I would happily dance on it. But this is not the end or the beginning of the end nor even the end of the beginning for this this wrecker of all that was honest and decent in the Conservative Party.


Johnson has never been a Conservative but an arsonist. This chimera is in a rage. He has convinced himself that he is a wronged man, the victim of a witch hunt, that the Privileges Committee is full of his enemies and that Harriet Harman is the sporn of the devil. He will lash out, he will smear, he will lie. He will try and torch Sunak and destroy the government and what smoking embers is left of the Conservative Party. The fool doesn’t realise that by trashing the committee he is trashing Parliament. What did he want? The committee to be comprised solely of his supporters? Perhaps. But what he really wanted was for Sunak to brush it all under the table with his majority. That would have been political suicide.


Big Dog doesn’t give a damn about the law, the rules, Parliamentary Sovereignty, the constitution or anything that stands in the way of his meeting with destiny. He never has. And this dog will bark, and claw and scratch and shit until this government is destroyed. He doesn’t understand the concept of loyalty other than it being a one way street. I don’t often feel sorry for Nadine Dorries, but like everyone who has any contact with this monster she has been used and abandoned. He never had the courtesy to tell her that her elevation to the Lords had been blocked.


So Big Dog won’t be taken to the vet. He won’t slide into obscurity for the good of the Conservatives. He will do everything he can to make sure they lose the election and then his supporters will claim that if he had been PM he would have won with a magnificent majority. The poor deluded fools. Yet they will take decent hardworking MPs with them. Carnage for one man’s ego. Utterly revolting. But entirely true to form.


So what does Sunak do? Firstly, don’t say a word until the report is published. And then have time to consider it. But then he has to be tough to the point of ruthlessness. The Johnsonites will try and do deals. Don’t block him from standing and he will be supportive. They speak with forked tongues like their master. No deals. Let the House decide his fate with a free vote. And then Sunak must crush all dissent and order CCHQ to block him from standing. Anywhere.


Any sentient observer of politics know that Johnson is a busted flush. The gilt has come off of his gingerbread and he is no longer the vote winner that his dwindling band of supporters fervently believe. It will be interesting to see what Lee Anderson does. Will he stay or will he jump? I think that he will stay. But who knows? This may be the excuse for Cruella to do a ‘principled resignation’. Who cares?


The Tories have a decent and competent man in Sunak. He needs to get this right. It’s time to polish his shit kicking boots.