Because politics and the news is so utterly depressing I have decided to cook a cheap and easy to make recipe each day which I will share with you. And to make it a little bit special I have asked my chum, Margaret Rand, the internationally feted wine writer to pair something drinkable and affordable. She has written a brilliant book ‘101 Wines to Try Before you Die’. Which you can buy on Amazon. Oh, and just in case you think it is a tasteless money maker it was published over a year ago!


So today it’s going to be MOUSSAKA


This is what you need.

2 large Aubergines

225g of potatoes. That’s about 3 big uns

1 large chopped Onion

450g lamb mince. But if stocks are low, beef will be just as nice

100ml red wine

Some olive oil

400g chopped tomatoes

4 tbsp of tomato purée or passata

Chopped parsley

Dried oregano

Ground cinnamon

150 ml of stock. Any oxo cube will do.


Aubergines can be a bit of a sod to cook because they are so full of water. So slice them round and

Put in a colander and cover with salt and set aside to drain for about 30 mins.


While you are waiting peel pots and boil whole for 10 mins and let them drain and cool.

Then cut them into thinnish slices and line a casserole dish with them.



Coat the aubergine slices with oil on both sides and grill on both sides so that they are brown.


Splash some oil into the pan to cook the onion and the mince. Season and start cooking until all the lumps are gone.


Pour in wine, stock, tinned tomatoes. Then add the purée, parsley, oregano and cinnamon to your own taste.




Cook until it is no longer sloppy which is probably about 30 mins.


Then spoon some the mixture over the potatoes


Layer with aubergine


More mixture then more Aubergine until it is exhausted.




40g butter

40g plain flour

About a pint of milk, probably much less

100g of grated Gruyere or any hard cheese you can lay your hands on


3 beaten eggs




This is easy, but can go horribly wrong. If the mixture is too hot the eggs will scramble. So DON’T answer the phone. Have a quick peek on Pornhub or pour yourself another large gin.


Melt the flour and butter and hand whisk to make a roux in a pan on a medium heat


Gradually pour in the milk and cheese keep stirring

Use your common sense on the milk. The original recipe says a pint but I think that it is way too much. Remember it has to thicken.


Slowly pour in the beaten eggs.



if any one tries to distract you tell them to fuck off.


Now the sauce should be as thick as Priti Patel


Pour it evenly over the top of the layered mixture


The oven should be heated to 180C


Pop it in UNCOVERED for about 30 mins or until it looks like the photo


You can now have another large gin.


MARGARET SUGGESTS that a bottle of Valpolicella will slip down a treat.


Let me know if this works for you.


Jerry the stir crazy cook