Juncker is an old drunk. On power. Before breakfast. He is alienating member states and Remainers like me

3 May 2017 at 14:31

This is an election of slogans. When May duck walked her way into another factory surrounded by a kinder of blue rosetted star struck adolescents, some jaded hack remarked that she might as well wear a fur coat and sing Rule Britannia. That rather confused the penned and irritable scribblers fantasising about their first three pints of Doom Bar, and a collective question mark bubble appeared. ‘Song and sable you twats’, to universal groans.

But yesterday was the turn of Diane Abbott who slogan now appears to be, ‘fuck it up means fuck it up’. And she did us proud. She has all the grasp for detail that Edward Scissorhands had for chopsticks. Well, at least her car crash was with a Ferrari. Labour high command ( not so much on dope as a bunch of them) are in a state of strong non stable non government. Seamus has issued an internal memo, ’ for God’s sake (not that we believe in her) don’t let her sing (by ‘her’ we don’t wish to make her gender binary nor offend the trans community).

Whist this is a great start for the Tories, the noises off from Brussels are strident to the point of insulting. The spinning of the Downing Street dinner was pretty disgraceful and wholly counter productive. But to tell us that May will not be allowed to lead negotiations is both wrong and stupid. Thatcher, May and Blair led negotiations in the past. What has changed? The 27 will not be happy about this. They are being sidelined. Juncker is a drunk; on power. And he starts before breakfast.

Doesn’t this foolish man realise that he is alienating Remainers like me? Doesn’t he appreciate that this is all meat and drink for the carpet biting separatists? He is delivering Theresa May the coronation she wants. What a foolish old man.